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'i've always had a bit of a complex about my voice. i'll sing onstage, obviously, but if someone asks 'how does that song go?' i won't hum it for them. i don't even sing in the shower.'
thomas bartlett (doveman)

em algum livro do julio cortázar, que eu não vou saber qual, um certo personagem fala algo assim: 'eu pertenço à triste classe dos escritores que só escrevem quando podem'. e eu só me lembrei disso porque queria dizer que thomas bartlett pertence à classe dos que só cantam quando podem. algumas pessoas, por exemplo, o jeff buckley ou o antony, eles cantam porque eles tem que cantar. não tem outra opção sabe? não vem com segunda opção. e a verdade é que eu tenho mais simpatia por aqueles que só fazem quando podem.

doveman - the acrobat

'musically i'm most indebted here to the velvet underground, who would have sounded great with a banjo.'
thomas bartlett

doveman - with my left hand i raise the dead pt.I & pt.II

'i have a lot of trouble sleeping, and end up doing a lot of my lyric writing while trying, and failing, to fall asleep. i've had trouble sleeping for many years. it tends to go in cycles, a few weeks where i'll be more or less fine, a few weeks where it takes hours of lying awake, no matter how tired i am, before i manage to actually get to sleep.'
thomas bartlett

doveman - footlose

'when i was very young, my half-sister jenny died tragically. she was a teenager, and it was the 80's. she left behind a wardrobe of brightly colored clothes, rainbow stickers, life-size paintings, doodles on lined paper, and hundreds of tapes. these constitute most of my memories of her. it's sad for me to look at these things, and usually i don't. but a couple of summers ago i found a tape of hers with a startling cover photograph - this was footloose. i couldn't stop listening: it was a portrait of 80's love, desire, pain, freedom, and frenzy; of being a teenager in a time of change. by listening, i could step into jenny's shoes, see things from her vantage point. i could be emancipated by rock and roll and walkmen, just as she had been. we could listen together.

i asked my friend thomas to cover the album, which, sheltered as he is, he had never heard before. i was clear that i wanted to him to cover the whole album - the point wasn't to rework any one song, but to re-imagine the picture they made together. with a new footloose we could reply to the past, tell our own story about being young. this is what he made.'
gabriel greenberg


elysian fields - bum raps & love taps

elysian fields é uma das bandas que thomas bartlett acompanha a mais tempo em tournês, e thomas participou da gravação desse disco. quem é vocalista do elysian fields é a jennifer charles, que fez parte do lovage e que, therefore, tem a voz mais sexy de todo o universo, sem gritinhos e sem esforço.

samamidon - but this chicken proved falsehearted

samuel amidon toca banjo e guitarra no doveman, e é o melhor amigo de thomas, que produziu e participou de seu primeiro disco, 'but this chicken proved falsehearted'.

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brigada bê!

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Thank you so much for this. I remember listening to the Acrobat when I was a teen and couldn't find it since.

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